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Welcome to the Secret Web Deals website! My name is Larry Haywood and my business partner is Keith McCaleb. We’re just a couple of regular Joes out in East Texas who were interested in making extra money and searched out possible ways of making more money to supplement our existing income.

Our mission is to search out the best quality products that are both affordable and unique, offering them to our clients at a steal.  We have a combined 25 years of marketing/sales experience and we are bringing Secret Web Deals to you by means of eBay.com and Amazon.com via FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon).

To start up a business using Amazon’s FBA program, you will have to have some capital as you must be able to pre-purchase inventory to sell on Amazon. The initial cost will depend on what product is chosen and which manufacturer is used. Many times these manufacturers are able to offer a low price because they require you buy a certain amount of pieces. ie. 5000 pcs minimum order

Secret Web Deals researches wholesale products out worldwide allowing us to locate the best quality products at the lowest prices possible. Companies like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us use the very same manufacturers abroad that we use. They simply buy in bulk and get wholesale pricing, allowing them to be competitive in the marketplace.

Since we’re able to locate high quality products in bulk at prices below the competition, we are able to pass on the savings to others. Being the little guys in the marketplace, we’re able to undercut the prices others sell for.  The final result is being able to offer high quality products at the absolute best pricing for consumers.

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